Lo​-​Fi Hero

from by The Zombie Dandies

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Verse 1

Sleeping all day like a log
Teenage slacker running free
Living on a fantasy
In the red
Black ‘n blue
But you’re always pulling trough
Keep believing in your dreams
It’s not as hard as its seems

Jack the lad
Jumping jack
On the wrong side of the tracks
Public animal number nine
Getting high and feeling fine

Rock’n roll
Roll a dice
Bite the bullet or the ice
It’s a long way to the top
So you should rock till you drop

Pre-Chorus 1

But when you start to play
You make us feel the fever
It’s in your DNA
So entertain us and go!


Yeah go,
Just go!
Lo-fi hero, go!
Yeah, go!
Just go!
Lo-fi hero go.

Verse 2

Start from scratch
Out of luck and out of cash
From the gutter you will rise
Make a wish and close your eyes

Rolling stone
Or a monkey on the loose
You’re a killer and a clown
Like a king without a crown
Easy come Easy go
But you’re never feeling low
Playing like a maniac
Till you get a heart attack

Out for blood
Shout it out
Ready for the final bout
You’re a six-string samurai
And you make the devil cry

Pre-chorus 2

Live your life day by day
You magnificent loser
It’s in your DNA
So entertain us and go!


from Lo​-​Fi Heroes, released October 31, 2014




The Zombie Dandies France

The Zombie Dandies are a musical project from Normandy, France.

The story of the group started in 2011, when two bored ghouls, Marty Dandy (Drums, Bass, Guitar & Vocals ) and K1000 Zombie (Guitar & Vocals), woke up from their graves with the unlikely idea of creating a glam-metal-meets-garage-rock musical project. ... more

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