Lo​-​Fi Heroes

by The Zombie Dandies

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released October 31, 2014

Marty Dandy: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
K1000 Zombie: Vocals, Additional Guitars

All songs by Marty Dandy



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Zombie Dandies France

The Zombie Dandies are a musical project from Normandy, France.

The story of the group started in 2011, when two bored ghouls, Marty Dandy (Drums, Bass, Guitar & Vocals ) and K1000 Zombie (Guitar & Vocals), woke up from their graves with the unlikely idea of creating a glam-metal-meets-garage-rock musical project. ... more

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Track Name: Now or Never
Verse 1

The time has come, and we’re standing there
Don’t look back again
Cause only one of us can remain
Forget the past
We kill each other to survive
We’re no longer friends
But no one wins in this crazy game
Pull the trigger


All in all, it’s now or never
It’s now or never
No more tears, it’s now or never
Nearer than ever
Can’t go back it’s now or never
(It) won’t last forever
Now I know it’s now or never

Verse 2

You stab my back, I retaliate
Now you feel the pain
Cause man is wolf to his fellow man
I’ll steal your life
I cross my heart and I hope you die
We’ll fight ‘till the end
Our lives will never be the same
It’s all over
Track Name: Love Dream
Verse 1

I met that girl while I was sleepin’
Fell in love with a dream
But oh boy she was mesmerizing
I found my love supreme

I want so bad to see her again
That I gave up caffeine
Acquired a great deal of sedatives
And tons of sleeping pills


Don’t fly away
I never wanna wake up
Want to be caught
In a neverending
Love Dream

Verse 2

Right now
I’m trying to find a ticket
To the eternal dream
Cause then I will be able to get
My little freudian queen

Everyone seems to think I’m insane
They say I’m goin’ blind
But I know I can’t deal with the pain
So I won’t change my mind
Track Name: Lo-Fi Hero
Verse 1

Sleeping all day like a log
Teenage slacker running free
Living on a fantasy
In the red
Black ‘n blue
But you’re always pulling trough
Keep believing in your dreams
It’s not as hard as its seems

Jack the lad
Jumping jack
On the wrong side of the tracks
Public animal number nine
Getting high and feeling fine

Rock’n roll
Roll a dice
Bite the bullet or the ice
It’s a long way to the top
So you should rock till you drop

Pre-Chorus 1

But when you start to play
You make us feel the fever
It’s in your DNA
So entertain us and go!


Yeah go,
Just go!
Lo-fi hero, go!
Yeah, go!
Just go!
Lo-fi hero go.

Verse 2

Start from scratch
Out of luck and out of cash
From the gutter you will rise
Make a wish and close your eyes

Rolling stone
Or a monkey on the loose
You’re a killer and a clown
Like a king without a crown
Easy come Easy go
But you’re never feeling low
Playing like a maniac
Till you get a heart attack

Out for blood
Shout it out
Ready for the final bout
You’re a six-string samurai
And you make the devil cry

Pre-chorus 2

Live your life day by day
You magnificent loser
It’s in your DNA
So entertain us and go!
Track Name: Nostalgia
Verse 1

I was dreaming of better days
When life wasn’t cold and grey
Back then I thought I’d rule the world someday
A touch of nostalgia

I was dwelling upon the past
I just couldn’t make it last
I was wondering why time goes by so fast
A touch of nostalgia


Good times have gone away
And much to my dismay
Thinking back cannot make my day

Verse 2

Giving up on your teenage dreams
Is much harder than it seems
We will never be seventeen again
A touch of nostalgia

Broken toys on the attic room
No more tender age in bloom
We will never be innocent again
A touch of nostalgia
Track Name: Electric Girlfriend
Verse 1

Got an elec-tric-tric lady gonna see her tonight
She's got everything she's perfect she's got fire in her e-eyes
She's a beauty queen, d-d-devil in disguise
Got an elec-tric-tric lady and I'm feeling all right


And when I'm down
Down on the ground
Yeah when I'm down
I beg her please
Down on my knees
Please please me please

Chorus (x2)

She's electric, frantic, lovesick, plastic
mystic, cosmic, magic, psychic
toxic, manic, brainsick, maverick

Verse 2

With my elec-tric-tric lady it was love at first sight
She's so wonderful she's pretty she's the coolest device
She's a love machine, she's made of sugar and spice
With my elec-tric-tric lady we'll be playing all night
Track Name: Fascination
Verse 1

Been dreamin all night
Won't get up today
Strange fuzzy feelings
Make me go astray


A strange fascination
Has made its way through me
As I glance to the image
Of the one I'll never be
Your scent and your whispers

Verse 2

Drive me to extasy
And I feel ready to fall In your world of fantasy
My heart's in motion
But I lost my way
That fallen angel
Makes me wanna pray
Track Name: Living in Darkness
Verse 1

Killer looks and sweetest smiles
Her beauty fascinates you

She wants your love and your money too
Cause she takes her power from you


Living in darkness
She's livin in darkness

Verse 2

Charming voice, mysterious eyes
And unalterable youth

She wants your soul and your money too
Cause she takes her power from you
Track Name: Mary
Verse 1

Mary, could you be the one
Who sent this letter to me
even though you’re gone
You say you want to get back
where love was born
And now I'm looking for you
in this ugly town


Am I drowning in madness?
Did I do wrong?
I hear my late wife calling
on an on
Deep in my heart I knew that
you would return

Verse 2

Lonely, lost and feeling down
I walk these dark fog-filled streets from dusk till dawn
I’m caught in an overdose delusion
They say I killed you honey
What’s going on?
Track Name: Cassie Lace
Verse 1

She was dazzling
Her eyes could lead you astray
I was longing
For love to come my way
Whispers and glances
Took my breath away


Cassie, Cassie Cassie Lace
A stray child far away from grace
Cassie Cassie Cassie Lace
came from outer space

Verse 2

Now I'm grieving
My soul got taken away
She was poison
She left me in dismay
Sweet lies turned my love
Into my decay
Track Name: Careful!
Verse 1

Always on the run
Always havin fun
Cryin’ like mad dogs in the streets

They were born to lose
sex’n drugs’ n booze
sexy scandal, love in the midnight heat


Don’t fall in love cause they are backseat Romeos
They got the looks
They’re stealing the show
They’re going down and they’re back for more


Careful Danger Beware Danger
Those crazy boys just need new toys
Careful Danger Beware Danger
But if you wanna play go on

Verse 2

Crazy nites are gone
Baby carry on
Gotta keep your heart down to the beat
Track Name: Lunacy
Verse 1

I just gotta tell you something
I'm lost and my heart is filled with pain
When it comes to love
We don't feel the same
You say we were friends for so long
you say that I can't leave you this way
But I'll lose my mind
If I choose to stay


And I don't wanna live
In a world of lunacy
For I know you will never love me

Though I don't wanna live
From here to eternity
No, I'm not gonna leave easily

Verse 2

I'm burning those pictures of you
The ones I cried over uselessly
And flames take away your fragile beauty
My tears are turning to blood
Cause I had take your life or mine
I won't breathe again
But I'm feeling fine
Track Name: Red The Hunter
Verse 1

Don’t know who I am
But I’m crossing the skies
To find it out
So many answers
Waiting to be found
Is this just a game?
Feels like my heart’s messing with my mind


So many tears, too many tears
Fall from my eyes
The pain will never get away
But if I try real hard
And forget
All of my scars
I will pull off
And save the day


Flying high, in the sky
Red the hunter’s gonna try
To save the world from his own past
Get your guns, get your wings
In the end you’re gonna win
Don’t you give up cause you’re the best

Verse 2

Tell me who’s to blame
For bringin’ all this sorrow
In my heart
So many enemies
Trying to break me down
Do you feel the same?
Got you my friends always on my mind
Track Name: The Werewolf Rock

Here we go, Here we go
The werewolf 's ready to go
Ready go, steady go
The werewolf's gone loco
Well he's hairy and shady so you'd better let him go


Well he's Big
He's Bad
He screams